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iPads Tips for New Users

Brand new to the iPads and Apple products? Check out this full iPad introductory video. This video lasts about 24 minutes and is very detailed. Additional videos from this publisher can be found here.

iPad charger or case replacement

For iPads purchased before July 2014
Apple 30 pin iPad charging cable
Apple iPad wall plug
(both are needed)

For iPads purchased after July 2014
Apple lightning iPad charging cable
Apple iPad wall plug
(both are needed)

Liger 30 pin replacement

Liger lightening replacement

Choosing Apps for Classroom Use

Many times we get so excited about having one or more iPads at our disposal, that we lose site of our original instructional goals. This is sort of like putting the cart before the horse. What's most important in driving which apps you should utilize is the end product. The tools below will help you choose apps based on the product desired.

Ed Tech Teacher
- student use
iPad as the Teacher's Pet - teacher use