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Welcome to Colquitt County Schools Parent Involvement!  Parents are their child’s first and best teacher.   We support our families in your efforts to help your child receive a quality education.

Colquitt County School District recognizes the importance of parents being involved with their child’s academic experience, and the significant influence parents have on impacting the academic achievement of students.  We believe that positive relationships are crucial to the success of students, teachers, and parents, and that the family and community must be involved in the education of children.

Research has consistently shown that parental involvement in children’s education makes a positive difference in student achievement.

Most children have two main educators in their lives – their parents/guardians, and their teachers. Parents/guardians are the prime educators until the child starts school, and they remain the major influence on their children’s learning throughout school. The school and parents both have crucial roles to play.

Children achieve more when schools and parents work together. Parents can help their child more effectively if they take part in knowing what their child is learning, and how they can help.

The term PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT means the participation of parents in regular, two-way and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities.

Colquitt County School System wants to partner with you to provide all students with a positive and enriching educational experience.   We are ready to serve the needs of our parents and caretakers.  Please feel free to contact the Federal Programs office with any questions, concerns or ideas that may arise as you and your child travel the road of success.

Research shows many benefits for students of parents who are involved in their education including:

·         Increased academic achievement

·         Better test grades

·         Higher achievement scores on standardized tests

·         Better attendance

·         Better classroom behavior

·         Increased likelihood of graduating from high school

·         Increased likelihood of enrolling in post secondary education

TITLE I Parent Involvement workshops are offered at different times throughout the school year to enhance parent confidence, help parents understand what the students are learning in class, help parents with their children at home, have productive meetings with teachers and establish discipline in class and at home. Parents are always invited and encouraged to participate in their child's education.

If you have any questions concerning parent involvement, please feel free to contact Mr. James Harrell, Federal Programs Director at 229-890-6230 or or Darlene Reynolds, Parent Involvement Director at 229-890-6231 or

What is Title I, and what does if mean to be a Title I school?

Currently, all Colquitt County Schools, with the exception of the Achievement Center are Title I schools. Title I schools receive federal funding to be applied to additional services, support, and resources in support of enabling all students to achieve academic success.  One important component of the Title I program involves providing opportunities and support for parents to learn about, and be involved in, their child’s academic experience in school. 

What is a Title I school?

What are the requirements of Title I schools?

How do schools use Title I money?

How is Title I Parent Involvement money spent?

What do Title I schools offer parents?

Title I requires schools to create opportunities that involve parents in the planning and implementation of parent involvement programs, resources and activities, and in the education of their children. The parent involvement requirements for schools and districts serving students through Title I consist of:

 District Parent Involvement Policy

  • a plan developed with parents: parent involvement activities and district commitments that encompasses all Title I requirements
  • distributed to all parents of students in Title I schools and to the local community, and announced at each school’s  Annual title I Parent Involvement Meeting

School Parent Involvement Policy

  • a plan developed at each school with parents: parent involvement activities and school commitments that encompasses all Title I requirements
  • distributed to all parents and made available to the local community, and announced at the Annual title I Parent Involvement Meeting
  • view Title I school Parental Involvement Policies on each school website through,  click on “schools”

School-Parent Compact

  • outlines  how parents, school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement
  • includes the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the state’s high standards

Annual Title I Parent Involvement Meeting for ALL Parents/Guardians

  • offers an explanation of the Title I program, and information on components of the program particular to each school
  • includes an explanation of the school’s and district’s Parent Involvement Policies, and Compacts
  • all parents of students in Title I Colquitt County schools are invited to this meeting


  • parental notifications will be offered in and understandable format, and upon request, in a language that a parent can understand
  • frequent communication of student progress, along with two scheduled parent/teacher conferences
  • monthly Title I Newsletter, featuring helpful information on how parents/guardians can work with their child to support academic success, a calendar of events, and more
  • invitations to all planned parent or family events are extended to all parents/guardians of students in Title I schools through phone calls, bulletins, the school website, and newsletters

Required Parent Notifications

What opportunities do Title I schools provide for parent involvement?

What programs/supports are in place to help students?

How are testing and assessment results used?

Colquitt County School District's Title I schools are committed to providing information, opportunities, and resources to enable parents to be involved in their child’s academic experience. Please contact your child’s school administrator or Parent Involvement Coordinator to learn about the opportunities that are available, and how parents can be involved, at your child’s school.  School websites and full contact information is available at, or by calling the Colquitt County Board of Education at 229-985-1550

For any questions in regards to parental involvement initiatives in the Title I program, or feedback on our Parental Involvement Policy, please contact me:

Darlene G. Reynolds

Title I Parent Involvement Director


For additional information, comments and feedback, please contact:


Mr. James Harrell

Federal Programs Director



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