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Eligibility and Referral

A comprehensive assessment of identification as gifted should include: parent input, teacher input, student input, academic achievement testing, intellectual testing, social-emotional assessment, gross motor assessment, fine motor assessment, home observations, school observations, observations for social interactions and assessment of physical development. Specific skills, abilities, or behaviors, which contribute to the identification of students as gifted, should then be translated into areas of program emphasis.


     Step 1:  Nomination of students who display gifted and talented behaviors.

    • Complete nomination form with biographical data
    • Notify parent/guardian
    • Complete TABS

    Step 2:  Multi-method screening by eligibility team to enter formal process. Team must document meeting date, members present, source of nomination, decision & rationale on eligibility report form.

    • School records (achievement data)
    • Student interview/observation
    • Samples of student work (Product, portfolio)


    Step 3:   Obtain parent permission to collect data in mental ability, achievement, creativity and motivation.

    Step 4:   Assemble and integrate all information. Provide a plan of service identifying the student’s strengths and weaknesses.

    Step 5:  Gifted eligibility team meets to review data collected. If eligible for services, obtain  parent permission to serve a minimum of 5 segments per week through an appropriate  service model. 

    Click here for the Colquitt County Referral Process flowchart.