Colquitt County Schools

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Service Models

A continuum of services is available to ensure that gifted identified learners are served in areas of strength and interest. Programming options are utilized to meet students’ advanced learning needs as documented by assessment data. Program delivery models adhere to guidelines established in the Resource Manual for Gifted Educational Services, and identified students are served a minimum of five (5) segments per week.

Acceleration will be utilized when differentiation in the area of strength is not adequate to meet the needs of individual learners. The eligibility committee will make decisions regarding acceleration following a review of data indicating such need.

The Common Core and Georgia Performance Standards serve as the focus of all delivery options. The curriculum is evaluated and revised as needed on an annual basis. The advanced content curriculum is available to all advanced content teachers by subject and grade. Teachers using the cluster model provide documentation of appropriate differentiation using individual and group contracts. Collaborative plans are developed by the gifted and regular teacher and copies maintained in the classroom and at the center.

Resource Model (K-12)

1. Students are “pulled out” for a minimum of 3.75 hours per week.

2. Teachers are gifted certified

3. Lessons are interdisciplinary, enrichment and extension activities.


Cluster Grouping (K-12)

1. Twelve or fewer gifted students may be served in a regular classroom setting.

2. Gifted endorsed teacher.

3. Differentiated curriculum in content, process, product and/or assessments.


Advanced Content (K-12)

1. Minimum of one core content class.

2. Gifted endorsed teacher.

3. 1:25 teacher/student ratio.

4. Accelerated curriculum emphasizing process skills, problem-solving skills, research projects, and other higher order thinking skills.


Advanced Placement (AP)

Classes are included as long as the teacher is AP certified and has completed ten clock hours of the Nature and Needs of Gifted. This model is offered in grades 9-12.