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    VirtuPack Learning Center will provide flexible, high quality online educational options to meet the 21st century needs of
    Colquitt County's students and families.

August 3- GAVS Fall courses begin

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a full-time student online?

No, the student can take some of their classes via Georgia Virtual Learning and their home school (Williams, Gray, or CCHS). Students must register for a minimum of six courses per semester and be committed to stay enrolled the whole semester.

Are Honor's or Gifted virtual classes offered?

No, but access to rigorous course work such as Advanced Placement ® (AP) plays an important role in that success. GaVS offers AP courses to all students in the state of Georgia--public, private and homeschooled.

AP courses are college-level courses offered in high school. Courses reflect what is taught in introductory college courses. Students who earn a qualifying score on the College Board AP Exam are eligible to receive college credit and/or earn placement into advanced courses in college.

Are accommodations made for resource students?

Students may receive 504 and IEP accommodations through Georgia Virtual School. However, the 504 or IEP plan may need to be amended to address services offered solely at the regular school site.

How do I register my child for classes?

First, the parent/guardian and student will need to speak with Mr. Allen Edwards to get the required paperwork for meeting with his or her Lead Counselor for schedule advisement. Parent must sign a contract of student's pledge to not drop-out in the middle of the semester.

Secondly, the student, parent/guardian will need to meet with the Lead Counselor at their child's home school for class advisement. Once you have done the previous steps go to and create an account for your child. Then, you will create one for yourself and link the two accounts together. There are instructions online if you need help.

Once you have the accounts, you will register him/her yourself for the classes the Counselor provided. One change: I would recommend only taking six courses the first semester. It is often a struggle for students to adjust to online content, so fewer classes may prove a little less overwhelming to him/her. For students, should expect to spend 45-60 minutes of coursework per subject in online coursework.

Why do I need a VirtuPack parent account?

To view detailed progress and grade information for your student. 
visit to begin the account creation process

What would I do if I wanted to go back to traditional brick-and-mortar school?

The transition would be easy; all of your classes will transfer over and the student will continue with their course load at the traditional brick-and-mortar school.

Will I have a local person to contact with questions or problems I have?

Once enrolled your first point of contact is always your GaVS instructor. We do have support team members always available to answer your questions. Just complete the Contact Us form from the tab at the top of the GaVS home page or contact Miss Avis Sutton at  (229) 890-6200 ext. 10040.

When will I receive information from my child's instructor?

An instructor will contact you prior to your child's first day of class.  You can expect to receive an email from him/her or a phone call.  

Why choose Georgia Virtual Learning over Georgia Cyber Academy?

Georgia Virtual School is a program of the Georgia Department of Education's Curriculum and Instruction Division. The program is SACS CASI accredited and operates in partnership with schools and parents to offer middle school and high school level courses across the state.  Georgia Virtual School provides a teacher led, virtual classroom environment. Georgia Virtual School also equips students with an online media center and guidance center to support students throughout their online course experience.  

Georgia Virtual School has over 100 course offerings in the core content areas, world languages, CTAE, electives, and a vast AP course selection. Your student’s options and opportunities are not limited by the school district in which you live or the school they attend. 

Georgia Cyber Academy

Enrollment in fall 2015: 13,916

Grade from Governor’s Office of Student Achievement: D
A charter school authorized by the State Charter Schools Commission, serving students from kindergarten through high school with “a combination of self-paced work and scheduled lessons and activities” and a program that lets students “individualize their education, maximizing their ability to succeed.”



Is a computer given to my child for their classes?

       Students may complete coursework at home, in the VirtuPack Learning Center, or on campus at their school, providing a computer is open for them in the media center.    

   Students must have daily access to a laptop or desktop with internet connection. The Colquitt County School System nor GaVL will provide these items for the student to use at home. The student will have the opportunity to visit the VirtuPack Lab Monday-Friday if he/she needs to use a computer or receive technical assistance.

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    Parents and Students,

       If you need to contact me at anytime my contact information is the following:

    Avis Monique Sutton, B.S. 
    GAVS VirtuPack/ CCHS
    Curriculum Department 
    (229)890-6200 ext. 10089

    I am now located at Colquitt County High School.